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Great blog you have here, looking relatively new…how do we comment and get involved?

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Dog Fouling – Clarity Sought

Dog fouling is an issue which affects us all, years ago communitychampion was instructed to not report dog fouling by a member of the DMBC Supervisory Team…yet members of DMBC Cabinet, who run the Borough, are issuing advice contradicting this…does anyone know what is going on?

Attempting to clarify the issue with Cllr Ransome has been less then easy.

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Insecure Gates Issue…Rumbles On and On…..and On

Still no common sense received from DMBC so the gates are looking like they are stopping open without any justifiable reason…meaning dangerous nuisance activity can take place with the police service pouring man hours into this.

Julie Grant, Ass Director to look into the issue.

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communitychampion Praised By DMBC Team

communitychampion has been praised by a member of the DMBC Neighbourhoods Team for ‘getting out there and sorting it’…these words highlight the true bread and butter worth of the work we do.

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Quarry Safety

Quarry safety was raised with the then Cabinet Member for Children and Young People at Doncaster Council in 2010 and now your communitychampion wants Police/Council to more to protect young people from the unforgiving environment of quarries.

Police/DMBC have had a number of suggestions put to them to try and address these issues.

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Issues Addressed For Hyde Park Residents

Issues from rubbish to faulty street lighting are now being looked at by DMBC thanks to your communitychampion.

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Doncaster Road, Hooton Roberts – Update

Another road traffic collision on Doncaster Road, Hooton Roberts, Rotherham has prompted your communitychampion to press RMBC for further resolution of the speeding/dangerous driving seen on such a regular basis in this area.

More information to follow.

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